Our full-time professional installers are family members; we do not use subcontractors. Estimates are free with the installation of a new garage door.

We primarily service homeowners, but we also do a substantial amount of work on new construction.

Door Installations
All new doors include new track, hardware, springs and your choice of available colors. When replacing an existing door, your price quote will include the reconnection of your existing garage door opener to the new door, proper bracing for the door and all new matching trim around the garage door opening.
Photo Gallery
To see examples of how our doors look after we have installed them, please click the following link. If you have any questions about what you see, feel free to contact us. http://community.webshots.com/user/dennisjr77
Electric Opener Installations
Our professional installation of electric openers includes all necessary parts to get your garage door moving. We are an authorized LiftMaster dealer and stock several different models to suit your individual wants and needs. We also stock accessories for your convenience, including keyless entry systems, mini remote controls, and surge protectors.
Garage door repairs—all brands, spring replacement (both torsion and extension), cables, door stops, astragal, replacement sections
Electric openers—we service all brands with most parts readily available
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